Miriam Bryant – Dragon

Music video

The dragon has left her.
A journey begins.

The plot: Miriam lives a deprived life in her cabin, heartbroken and lost. Her loved one has left her and her existence is full of decay, paranoia and hopelessness. She decides go on journey to search for and reunite with her dragon . Traces lead through the dark woods. taking here further and further away from her comfort zone.

“Miriam was a true soldier, running around in a white robe and black Dr Martens for three cold and long days.

“She didn’t hesitate to walk down in freezing
water and never complained (and 
didn’t get out
of character until the video was done).”

The original plan was to film at Öland, but when we saw Torö (outside of Nynäshamn) we were blown away and knew we had to place the story there instead. We filmed for tree long days (and nights).