Nexus – Brand movie

Concept, Film production, Music & Sound production

We secure society by
enabling trusting identities.

“Each day we wake up to a new world with new innovations.”

We created a corporate film where we focused on the things that people take for granted in their day to day life. How can we feel secure when the world keeps evolving? How can we trust that society will still keep our identities and integrity safe tomorrow?

“It was clear to us that we had to tell this story in an inspring way that people could connect to.
And at the same time focus on Nexus’s core values: caring in an innovative and committed way.”

Swedish-owned Nexus Group is an innovative and rapidly growing product company, developing identity solutions for physical and digital access. Solutions for IoT (internet of things) security is also an important part of their portfolio.

The very basis of all security is the creation, management and use of identities.